October FREE Make and Take – Sold Out

Sold Out
FREE Store Make and Take
We are announcing our next fabulous in store Make and Take
with Nancy Donaldson.
You’ll learn how to work with resin clay.
Adults Only – The product being used should not be handled by children.
Phone the store to save your spot.  (416) 757-9554

October In The John Bead and Craft Outlet



We have an extra special 40% off sale this month.
We have a huge assortment of Czech rhinestone clasps and they would make a stunning addition to your jewelry projects.  This is the first time we have put them into a sale since the current pricing is already excellent.  Take advantage of this special.  You’ll be so pleased you did the next time you complete a project with these gorgeous clasps.

We love Halloween!
We have several tables set up to showcase some of the most popular products required for this holiday.
Our CLEARANCE area has been completely repriced.
If it is in this area it is now 80% off.
There are some amazing bargains here that will now cost well under $1.
(This metal heart ornament is now .87 cents.)


The “not so creepy” Crystal Spiderweb

The spiderweb is so easy to make, but it is hard to create a creepy spiderweb for halloween when you use beautiful glass Ori beads for your project.

I have been making some gorgeous ornaments with my beads and the Dazzle-it Snowflake frame.  The frames are available in three sizes and today’s spiderweb is a medium sized frame.

I had just the right amount of black crystals for my project.

Once all my prongs were filled I started to add my webbing.  A simple twist of a wire was all I needed to hold the beads in place.

I tried to make it less perfect by adding one less bead here and there.

I was starting to get nervous that I would run out of beads.  Luckily I had a third strand of these smaller black beads.  In the end, I used three 8 inch strands of small beads and one and a half strands of the larger bead.

I am very pleased with the final webbing.  Now I am on the hunt for an actual spider to attach to it.

The snowflake frames are in the Outlet now.