Creativ Festival Savings and Gift With Purchase

We are bringing our fabulous booth to the Creativ Festival in Toronto this week. Everything in our booth is priced at wholesale PLUS we are going to take another 30% off everything!
We will also have gifts for anyone spending over $50 (before taxes.)

Snowflake Wire Frame Tips and Inspiration!

These snowflakes are a gorgeous addition to any decorating projects.  Naturally, they are associated with Christmas, but by selecting different colours, they could be showcased year round in windows and in other home dec designs.

They are a simple concept with unlimited possibilities for ornamentation.  Frames are available in three sizes.

When I want to create a snowflake I usually pre select the beads to see if I can create an interesting pattern.  The wire will even accept 4mm Swarovski bicone beads, so I can use almost any bead in my collection.

The wire is silver plated and is very strong.  I would not recommend shaping the prong ends or cutting it with my good jewelry making tools.  I have been using an older set of tools and a pair of pliers from my regular tool box to finish my snowflakes.  This is not intended for children.  If you want to have children participate, have them design their snowflake, but adults should finish the prong ends if the wire is being manipulated.

You also want to remind yourself to leave about 1/2 inch of wire if you plan to bend the prong ends.

If you don’t leave enough wire, this will happen.  It might hold your beads, but it does not look finished and may catch on clothes or curtains.

I have strong hands, so I am able to make a rounded edge.

Since you have to do this six times, you’ll find that you will get better and better at leaving just the right amount of wire on each snowflake prong.

I have also discovered that making a flatter prong end with regular pliers looks just a pretty.

You just want to be sure to close this gap to keep your snowflake perfect.

You could also use a combination of glued ends with bent wire ends.

For this snowflake I glued small beads to 5 of 6 prong ends.  I only bent one of the prong wire ends so I could hang my ornament with wire or ribbon.

The classic tree ornament hook can be used to display these pretty snowflakes.

When you design your snowflakes, you’ll find that by changing the centre beads, you can get a tighter grouping.  Mixing and matching makes this enjoyable.

I used chiffon ribbon to finish these.  You could also use rattail, satin ribbons, cotton cords and even a thinner leather cord.

The snowflake frames are now in the Outlet!

If you are going to the Creativ Festival in Toronto, we’ll have a booth where you can make one free!

Well be in booth 326!

We’ll Be Making Snowflakes at The Creativ Festival!

How about making a snowflake you actually want to see?

The John Bead and Craft Outlet will be hosting a double sized make and take booth again this October at the Creativ Festival.  We want to invite everyone to stop by our snowflake headquarters to make a free beaded snowflake, meet our staff and learn more about our amazing store.

We are booth 326.

About the Outlet:

The John Bead & Craft Outlet is stocked with amazing items that will meet all your crafting, costume and jewelry making needs.  The Outlet, which opened in 2013 is over 6,000 square feet and is laid out to make your shopping easy. Our knowledgeable staff looks forward to assisting you get all the materials you need for your project and creative vision.

Heading To The Creativ Festival!

We are on our way to the Creativ Festival this week!  Set up begins today and the show doors open on Friday!  The Outlet will be open as usual, but part of the team will be working at the show.

Stop by our free “Make and Take” booth!  We are also handing our postcards giving you a super coupon to use in the Outlet!

These are pictures from the Fall show.  Hope to see some old and new friends again!

John Bead Outlet at The Creativ Festival!


The John Bead Outlet is going to be handing out coupons and running “make and takes” in their booth.  This is a wonderful event to meet many of our customers and to introduce ourselves to crafters who may not know about out store and location.

Creativ Festival is Canada’s largest mixed media DIY consumer show dedicated to the creative arts of sewing, knitting, beading, spinning, weaving, felting, quilting, crocheting, stitching, scrapbooking, crafting and other fibre, textile, needle and paper arts! Bursting at the seams with hot products, ideas, trends and how to’s. Unbeatable shopping is infused with up-close-and-personal hands-on instruction! Plus, artisan made ‘gifts to go’.