Fun With Global Chic Products

Sometimes you need to create something whimsical to wear during our long winter.

I have had this wooden doll for years.  For some reason I am attached to it, so I drilled a hole through it and made it a wearable component.

Everything you need to make the necklace is in the Outlet.  I particularly love the Butterfly pendant bails (not always in stock) and the Faux Suede tassels.

The Global Chic Woven Cotton Tapestry Cord is a fabulous way to create fiber jewelry quickly.

Take a peek at the Global Chic wall the next time you visit the store.

New Dollar Section


There is an impressive new wall in The Outlet.

Happily, it is clearly labeled $1!

In this section you will find some amazing jewelry making components.

These will hep you to finish any project.

Remember:  The Outlet is open this week Wednesday to Friday.

Last day to shop in the Outlet: Friday December 21st

Outlet is closed Saturday December 22 and it re-opens Thursday January 3rd.