Longest Charm Bracelet Displayed In The Outlet

When you visit the Outlet, I hope one of the first things you notice is this chain at the front door.

It looks so bright and cheerful that you may think it is just to add some colour to the cash register zone.

However, if you follow the chain you will see that it goes all the way down the whole side of the Outlet!  There is no way to capture it in one photo!

Throughout the length of chain you will see the most beautiful attachments!

Some charms are simple.

And some charms are quite heavy.

The children (and children at heart) who helped to make this were all wonderful.  I hope you enjoy seeing Canada’s longest charm bracelet when you visit The Outlet.



Taste Of Lawrence and The John Bead Outlet

Last weekend we participated at the Taste of Lawrence three day international food and cultural festival.

Out booth featured an interactive craft.  We were a magnet for crafty kids and parents alike.

We wanted to introduce ourselves and our brand new Outlet to the neighbourhood!

We met so many great kids and their parents!

This gentleman and his wife helped us pack up Saturday night and then he returned Sunday to spend a few hours with us.  Fast friends were made!

This is me, your blog writer.  The charm bracelet was so long…we had to keep moving it all day until it became a curtain around our tent.

We are so happy that over 500 free scissor sets and coupons were handed out.  Not one pair was left.

It goes without saying, we had a wonderful time!  Hope to see some of our new friends in the Outlet soon!

Canada’s Longest Charm Bracelet at Taste of Lawrence This Weekend!

Friday July 5, 2013 ——- 6PM -9 PM
Saturday July 6, 2013 —11AM -9 PM
Sunday July 7, 2013—– 11AM – 9 PM

Come help us make the longest charm bracelet ever!

You’ll find our booth in the Dulux parking lot!

Taste of Lawrence Link

Canada’s Longest Charm Bracelet

We have been gathering and packing all sorts of fun and colourful supplies to take to the Taste of Lawrence!  Our special booth will be set up so kids (and kids of all ages) can add anything that strikes their fancy to our 100 meters of chain which is destined to become Canada’s longest Charm Bracelet.

I made the first two feet of chain in order to have photos to show you what we were making.

Then I made another foot or two thinking it might be nice to have a sample for everyone to see when they arrive.

Then I fell in love with pom poms.

I can’t stop adding bling to this chain!  Do come visit me and add a foot or two to the chain too…..otherwise before you know it I will have filled the 100 meters by myself!

You’ll find our booth is the Dulux parking lot!

Announcing Canada’s Longest Charm Bracelet!

We want to make Canada’s Longest Charm Bracelet!

The John Bead Outlet is sponsoring a creative and interactive booth in the children’s area at this year’s Taste of Lawrence weekend where we will be attempting to create Canada’s longest charm bracelet!

We have 100+ meters of chain we need to fill with charms, sequins, beads, buttons, pom poms and other fun embellishments.  We’ll be using string, ribbon and jump rings to attach everything to the chain.  No skills required!  You’ll see how easy it is to make something fun and wearable using some of the craft and jewelry making supplies found in the Outlet.

Bring the children by and sign our book saying you helped to make the longest bracelet ever!  The finished bracelet will be displayed in our newly expanded and renovated Bead and Craft Outlet for everyone to see.

Participation is free.

Parental supervision required for children under 12.

The John Bead and Craft Outlet is in the neighbourhood.  Our Grand Re-Opening is taking place this weekend too!  Do come visit!

Visit our Facebook Page for updates!

Taste of Lawrence July 5,6,7