February Big Sales!


This is a fantastic opportunity for the bride on a budget or for anyone who enjoys crafting.  80% off is a remarkable deal and our staff are prepared to work with anyone willing to purchase in bulk. The wedding section will no longer be available after February 28th so this is your last opportunity to shop the department.

Super Fast Memory Wire Bracelets

This unique bracelet can be made in under 30 minutes if you have some beads and Memory Wire.

The beads are in the Outlet and are Czech glass.   They are coated, so when the bracelet moves on my wrist the colour appears to change from pink, to purple to black.  I used two unique shapes.

Memory Wire is in the Outlet in several size lengths and in gold as well.

I love how the beads stacked!

The image above is linked so you can read more about Memory Wire on the Beadalon website.


Beaded Heart Idea

I have a lovely, and might I add inexpensive, new ornament idea to share with you.

It started as this wired heart in the clearance section of the Outlet.  Would you believe this is also 80% off?  My heart form cost roughly $1.  FYI – There are only a few left in the store.

I keep a bag of left over beads from all my projects.  The bag has some gorgeous beads.  This was an opportunity to use a lot of my favorites.

Over a few evenings, I happily used wire to add beads throughout.  The heart looks beautiful hung with a ribbon in a window.


Using A Bead Loom and Fish Leather

This bracelet was something I did not find difficult to make at all.  I am by no means a looming expert.  I have experimented on several looms and find this one very easy to design with.

The Outlet sells the traditional bead loom in two sizes.  I choose the smaller one for my project.

Everything you need for your first bead loom project is included.  I had my own stash of beads to work with.  The instructions are easy to follow.

I set up my loom and was beading in moments.

I opted to try finishing my ends in a unique way however.  The color of my beads went beautifully with this fish leather.

I glued two pieces to my ends and cut away the excess before adding clamps and a magnetic closure.

This is the last time you’ll see this price for a very long time.  80% off fish leather is a wonderful incentive to test out a new, eco friendly and sustainable material.

Special Discovery In The Outlet

I would like you to know that while I happily write the social media post for the John Bead Outlet, I am also one of their biggest customers.  It is simply impossible to walk throughout the store without falling in love with some unusual or sparkly item.  This new brooch is a perfect example.

A few months ago I spotted these gold badges.  They may seem expensive but trust me, having purchased similar items in a high end store in New York I jumped at the opportunity to buy them in The Outlet.

I used some fabric glue to attach them to a piece of felt.

Then I used some of the wonderful vials of beads I have also purchased to bead the edges. This brooch now adorns my spring jacket.

Remember.  Items in the Outlet are usually never restocked.  So if you see something special you need to purchase it or it might be gone when you return.