Using A Bead Loom and Fish Leather

This bracelet was something I did not find difficult to make at all.  I am by no means a looming expert.  I have experimented on several looms and find this one very easy to design with.

The Outlet sells the traditional bead loom in two sizes.  I choose the smaller one for my project.

Everything you need for your first bead loom project is included.  I had my own stash of beads to work with.  The instructions are easy to follow.

I set up my loom and was beading in moments.

I opted to try finishing my ends in a unique way however.  The color of my beads went beautifully with this fish leather.

I glued two pieces to my ends and cut away the excess before adding clamps and a magnetic closure.

This is the last time you’ll see this price for a very long time.  80% off fish leather is a wonderful incentive to test out a new, eco friendly and sustainable material.