Taste Of Lawrence and The John Bead Outlet

Last weekend we participated at the Taste of Lawrence three day international food and cultural festival.

Out booth featured an interactive craft.  We were a magnet for crafty kids and parents alike.

We wanted to introduce ourselves and our brand new Outlet to the neighbourhood!

We met so many great kids and their parents!

This gentleman and his wife helped us pack up Saturday night and then he returned Sunday to spend a few hours with us.  Fast friends were made!

This is me, your blog writer.  The charm bracelet was so long…we had to keep moving it all day until it became a curtain around our tent.

We are so happy that over 500 free scissor sets and coupons were handed out.  Not one pair was left.

It goes without saying, we had a wonderful time!  Hope to see some of our new friends in the Outlet soon!

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