Meet Betsy Our New Outlet Spokesperson!

With our new Outlet comes a new spokesperson!

This is Betsy and she is slowly making her way onto all of the Outlet’s printed and online materials.

Isn’t she just adorable?  She is modeled after a very special Betsy.

This is the original Betsy, the John family matriarch.

I see her every time I come to John Bead!  She works four days a week for the company.  When I asked Mike John yesterday why it is that Betsy still comes to work he answered quite simply “she just loves all the people here and our customers.”

So if you see this lovely lady in the Outlet, say hello to Betsy!

7 thoughts on “Meet Betsy Our New Outlet Spokesperson!”

  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone will list me some prices with pictures that they sell here!? I never came here before and I’m planning to but it’s far do just want to make sure the prices! Do they sell earrings as well?

    1. Hello there, we don’t list prices as the inventory changes all the time and this is a shop in person Outlet. There are thousands of items in the Outlet and they do have earrings and lots of amazing jewelry.

  2. I live in British Columbia. Can I order from the John Bead Outlet online and if so, how do I register? I cannot find any information on the website to show this. Thanks.

      1. That is absolutely the most wonderful story I have ever heard. I love John Bead. Have been shopping there forever, and I hope I do see Betsy. You go girl!

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