March Mega Sale! 50% of Bead, Craft and Home Decor!

The Carnival and Performing Arts department is not in this sale and the area will be roped off. You may still shop this department but we’ll have reminders posted that it isn’t part of the MEGA sale.
Outlet store policies, as listed in all eblasts, are in effect.

Outlet Store Policies

There are no refunds.

Please check your merchandise before you complete your sale.No additional discounts are applied to items in special sales promotions.

Your membership discount is not applied when an item is already in a special promotion.

The following items are already being sold at their lowest price and are never included in extra store-wide sales promotions; Feathers**, foam sheets, felt, glitter jars, bead looms, gift certificates, gimp, glue, glue guns, leather hides, sinew and treasure jars.**some feathers are 50% off and they are clearly marked with signage.

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