July Sales

Unicorne Beads are individually designed by highly skilled glassblowers. These beads are fashioned in a torch flame by a process called “lampworking. ” Only the finest imported glass from Europe and the United States are used to make these beads.

BOGO is a great way to stock up on beads you love. Buy one strand and get a second duplicate strand free. We have hundreds of these strands scattered throughout the semi precious department.  Just look for the color label called Dazzle-it. Why not stop by with a friend to shop this sale and share the beads?

All of the items in this BOGO sale are better as a pair!  Many of our jars and buckets are ideal for home decor projects, storage and more.

These beautiful kits have never been on sale.

They are a wonderful gift for a beading friend and would be brilliant for anyone just starting to work with seed beads.  Kits have different experience levels.  There are some beginner kits too.

The buttons in this sale are well marked on a wall, but we have a cabinet of them as well, so be sure to look in more than one location for buttons.  Many of our buttons are glass and vintage.

Most of our YARN is on sale this month!  You could make something great during a rainy weekend at the cottage or simply sitting in the sunshine.  Sale does not apply to the special $2 skein collection.

2 thoughts on “July Sales”

  1. I was in and bought some Unicorn beads. I love them.
    You will find this amusing. I saw that sign BOGO
    But I didn’t know what it meant. Duh
    Although maybe a good thing because I should not spend more money these days!

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