Paracord Bracelets Featuring The Sliding Knot

I spent an afternoon with my niece to see if we could come up with a slightly more upscale way to use paracord for a bracelet.

Paracord jewelry is a great project for boys and girls.  This is one of my favorite online tutorials showing you how to make these bracelets.

For our project we wanted to feature the cord and we selected some of our own unique components for a dangle and endcaps.  (These are not in the John Bead Outlet yet.)

For one bracelet we started with about a half  meter of cord.

It was hard to figure out a way to explain how to make a sliding knot with pictures and words.  So we made a video instead!

The knot is a lot easier to understand once you watch it a few times!

The sliding knot is simple but elegant.

We sized it by actually putting it on.  We eyeballed how long we wanted each side dangle to be.

The traditional way to finish a paracord cut is by using a flame which melts the fibers together so they do not fray.

We opted to add an interesting endcap to the cord to make it prettier.

Once we understood how to form a sliding knot, we also tried it with thick cotton wax cord.

The knot works brilliantly with all types of cords.

It is a change from adding traditional clasps!

We loved stacking them!  Take a look at the paracord in the store along with cotton wax cord for your next crafty projects.


One thought on “Paracord Bracelets Featuring The Sliding Knot”

  1. These are really fun bracelets! Love the use of the bead cone to cover the rope end!!! I think this technique would be great for a charm necklace too 🙂

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