Klik, Clay, Beads and Cystals

If you enjoy creating your own one of a kind jewelry, you will definitely love the Klik interchangeable jewelry collection in the Outlet.

For this project I gathered interesting shapes and some diamondback crystals.  Since these items are being embedded into the clay it was important to have something that could be pushed into into place.

All the Klik components are in the store along with this air drying epoxy clay (also known as resin clay).  The bezel blanks are a personal favorite.

After filling my klik bezel blanks with clay I simply played with the placement of my beads.

My bigger blank was fun to fill!  I brushed some black pearl-ex powder over the all the exposed clay and let everything air dry for 24 hours.  Then I just brushed away any excess powder.

The necklace component has room for one large and two small bezel blanks.

My small bezels have a different design.  They can also be set into the interchangeable klik earrings.

Imagine all the possibilities!


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