Special Discovery In The Outlet

I would like you to know that while I happily write the social media post for the John Bead Outlet, I am also one of their biggest customers.  It is simply impossible to walk throughout the store without falling in love with some unusual or sparkly item.  This new brooch is a perfect example.

A few months ago I spotted these gold badges.  They may seem expensive but trust me, having purchased similar items in a high end store in New York I jumped at the opportunity to buy them in The Outlet.

I used some fabric glue to attach them to a piece of felt.

Then I used some of the wonderful vials of beads I have also purchased to bead the edges. This brooch now adorns my spring jacket.

Remember.  Items in the Outlet are usually never restocked.  So if you see something special you need to purchase it or it might be gone when you return.

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