Mirrored Embellishments

Jennifer Lopez dazzled at the 91st Annual Academy Awards on Sunday, hitting the red carpet in a disco ball-inspired Tom Ford gown.

We took a closer look at the dress and realized we had similar mirror embellishments in the store.

 Our mirrors are silver or gold backed.

 As you can see, you just sew them into place.

 They all have a clear liner to protect them from scratching in the bag.  We almost didn’t notice that you need to peel this off to get an even shinier finished embellishment.

This is a great costume idea!  You just need to spend time placing your pieces into a pleasing pattern.

Major Price Drop on our Crystal Motif Collection

We have a stunning collection of crystal motifs that can be used to embellish clothing, costumes and uniforms.  They can also be incorporated into jewelry designs or worn as a brooch.  You’ll be shocked at the markdown from previous years and our selection is bigger than ever.

There are six unique shapes in nine colors.

Crystal AB Gold
Fuchsia AB Gold
Amethyst AB Gold
Topaz AB Gold
Green AB Gold
Blue AB Gold
Red AB Gold
Purple AB Gold
Yellow AB Gold

Fun With Global Chic Products

Sometimes you need to create something whimsical to wear during our long winter.

I have had this wooden doll for years.  For some reason I am attached to it, so I drilled a hole through it and made it a wearable component.

Everything you need to make the necklace is in the Outlet.  I particularly love the Butterfly pendant bails (not always in stock) and the Faux Suede tassels.

The Global Chic Woven Cotton Tapestry Cord is a fabulous way to create fiber jewelry quickly.

Take a peek at the Global Chic wall the next time you visit the store.

Thread Wrapped Pendant

Lately I have been noticing fiber wrapping on jewelry components.  Embroidery thread is the ideal wrapping material because it is quite thick if you do not separate the individual threads it is made from.

We sell embroidery thread in multi packs in the Outlet so I was looking for a unique way to use it.  I decided to upcycle this 70’s style earring component.

I simply wrapped my threads in interesting color blocks.  I was careful to make sure that my knots were all at the back.  An embroidery needle made passing the thread through the opening go even quicker.

I took a photocopy of my finished peices so I would have a paper template.  I then used the template to cut some felt to use as a lining.

I glued the felt to the back and now it looks nicely finished!


The Outlet is Becoming Tropical

Just in time for summer, we are excited to announce that Tropical Punch, a hot product line inspired by the colors and flavors of Brazil, will now be available in our Outlet!
Our Tropical Punch product line translates the trendy colors of Brazil, the sensuous style of Brazilian women and also its coolness and joyful vibe.
We’ll be posting gorgeous finished projects on Facebook all month!

Belt Buckle Necklaces

by dgierat

Have you noticed belt buckles appearing in jewelry?


Belt buckles are unique when redesigned as a pendant for your jewelry designs.

Simple google “Belt Buckle Necklace” and you’ll see dozens of projects.


Pinterest also has numerous pictures for inspiration.

We have some beautiful belt buckles in the store.

The staff will happily direct you to our special selection.