Our Czech Mixed Bead Boxes

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There are one dozen unique boxes to share with you!
Many of our Outlet customers have asked to purchase these after seeing them in company blogs and various magazines this winter.  They are priced at the retail level because they are a limited edition new item.

Necklace by Purple Lace Designs – Lena Gillespie using the Ma Vie en Rose mixed bead box. Named after a movie of same title, this color palette exudes a little girl’s world that is imaginative and filled with princess tales. Pink and fuchsia are colors that praise pure love, nurturing and affection.

Earrings by Purple Lace Designs – Lena Gillespie using the Santorini Coast Mixed Bead Box.
“The Greek island located at the Aegean Sea was the inspiration for this mix. The different shades of blue reflect the different colors of its sea and the architectural features of its unique buildings.”

Necklace by Purple Lace Designs – Lena Gillespie using the Topaz Pizzazz Mixed Bead Box.
“In this little treasure box filled with topaz and copper beads you can find shades of fall. Perfect to inspire accessories to spotlight neutral colors like ivory as well as rich chocolate brown garments.”