Nappa Leather Necklace

This fabulous necklace by Nancy Donaldson is a showcase for our new Metal Complex Stitched Nappa Leather collection.

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We have 15 fantastic solid and mixed print colours to choose from.  Nappa leather is available in two sizes; 3mm and 5mm.

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Nancy choose three stitched nappa leather cords to work with.


12 gauge aluminum wire was used to secure the necklace shape and to add some additional detail.


The necklace was finished with a magnetic closure.  This heart magnetic closure is also new to the Leather Works collection.DSC07273

Flat Leather Upcycle

This flat leather bracelet is so easy to make and allowed me to upcycle some buttons I removed from an old jacket.

These Edelweiss buttons were too pretty not to keep.  They’ve been in my button box for many years because of their unique shape.  They were originally set on a piece of decorative leather on my jacket and I knew that one day I would set them again.


I used two flat leather pieces for the bracelet.

You can see that I simply slid the buttons onto two pieces of flat leather I lined up.  Then I glued the leather into the hook and eye buckle.

These glue in components allow you to make jewelry so quickly.

The curved buckle clasp sits nicely on my wrist and my buttons are beautifully showcased.

Flat leather and components are 50% off this month in the Outlet.


Flat Leather For Designer Jewelry

These gorgeous bracelets were designed by Fernando DaSilva to highlight all the new colour options in our flat leather collection.

Flat leather and our matching components are 50% off this month in The Outlet!

The addition of pearls makes this bracelet very feminine.

The flat leather animal prints are gorgeous.

Fernando combined the animal prints with solid colours.

Our slider collection makes adding additional embellishment a breeze.

Your options are endless!

Using A Bead Loom and Fish Leather

This bracelet was something I did not find difficult to make at all.  I am by no means a looming expert.  I have experimented on several looms and find this one very easy to design with.

The Outlet sells the traditional bead loom in two sizes.  I choose the smaller one for my project.

Everything you need for your first bead loom project is included.  I had my own stash of beads to work with.  The instructions are easy to follow.

I set up my loom and was beading in moments.

I opted to try finishing my ends in a unique way however.  The color of my beads went beautifully with this fish leather.

I glued two pieces to my ends and cut away the excess before adding clamps and a magnetic closure.

This is the last time you’ll see this price for a very long time.  80% off fish leather is a wonderful incentive to test out a new, eco friendly and sustainable material.